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Welcome and thank you for stopping by at The Unknown Critic to find information on requesting a 100% free restaurant review, or conducting an advertising campaign on our website.

Below you will find information on free restaurant review requests as well as advertising information.

Restaurant owners as well as the general public are invited to request a 100% free review from the Unknown Critic.

If you are a restaurant owner or a public relations employee acting on behalf of your restaurant, you may request a review from The Unknown Critic
provided you include your name, employee title, and a personal contact e-mail address. A daytime phone number is also preferred, but not required.

Restaurant review requests from the general public must include your name and a "valid" verifiable e-mail address or we cannot honor your request.
Any missing information on our request form may disqualify you from the review request completely, or at the bare minimum, substantially delay it.

Restaurant review requests that are placed by an owner, or public relations personnel acting on behalf of a restaurant, will be provided with a special code that will allow them to place discount restaurant coupons on our website free of charge ( if desired), as our way of saying thanks for requesting a review.
You will be allowed 6 months of discount coupon advertising on our discount coupon page, totally free and without any kind of obligation to continue advertising with a paid ad placement.You will be provided with one free link from the main restaurant review page to our discount coupon page, where customers can save and print out your valuable coupons.

Please note that a review of your restaurant must be completed and published by us prior to you placing any type of advertising on our website.
This includes both free and paid advertising. We do not honor advertising from any type of business, that we cannot personally recommend.
To our knowledge, we are the only review site with such a strict advertising policy. In other words: We refuse to sell out in order to get advertising revenues!

Should you decide to continue advertising with a paid advertising campaign, you need only contact us after your free advertising expires and request a paid ad.The cost for listing discount coupons on our coupons page is currently 19.95 monthly, with a minimum of a 6 month subscription and includes the following: One link will be provided from our restaurant review main page and one will be provided at the end of your restaurant review, for a total of (2) links to your coupons.

Refund policy:
No refunds can be made once your advertising has been posted to our website, or if any of your coupons have been designed by any of our outsource contacts.Both free and paid ads can be removed at any time by request, but refunds for any portion of unused advertising time cannot be made. No exceptions.

About our advertising revenues:
(1) It is what keeps our website open. The way we do business is very costly, yet the only way for us to insure fairness to all the parties involved.

(2) As we stated above we do not accept outside advertising from restaurants that have not had their reviews posted on our website.

(3) In all fairness to our continued commitment of writing completely unbiased reviews, we do not accept free meals, Invitations to special events, or restaurant grand openings,nor do we accept advertising from restaurants that have not been reviewed by us and have had those reviews posted on our website.

(4) We have not, nor will we ever personally place advertising on our site as a means of profiting from a business that we have not personally reviewed at some point or another. (Google Ads Excepted)

(5) We generally do at least two visits to any restaurant for our review which is the only fair way, but costly since we pay our own way for food, gasoline, our time and other various costs associated with keeping this website up and running. All of these expenses are paid directly from our advertising revenues, without which this site would not exist.

Additional information about placing ads:
Free and paid ad sizes must be no larger than spec: ISO/IEC 7810-2003 ( 3.370" × 2.125".) All debit and credit cards worldwide are made to this size, so they can be used by all foreign and domestic banking systems such as ATM machines. We have found this to be the ideal size for most coupons and for our particuliar discount coupon page layout.

Allowance: (1) free ad measuring no larger than the above specifications, each 90 days for a period not to exceed 180 days ( A total of 2 free ads)
Free or paid ads are required to be valid for a minimum of no less than 90 days.
Free advertisers will be allowed to place ads twice with a duration of 90 days each, with 1 such ad per placement, for a combined total of 2 ( 3.370" × 2.125".) free ads.

All free advertisers also have the option of placing only "one" free ad with an expiration and duration of 180 days.
All advertisers will provide us with their discount coupons in the standard ISO/IEC 7810-2003 size which is: ( 3.370" × 2.125".) in a standard Jpeg format.
We can have your coupon ads produced for you at a discount if you do not have someone who will make them. Production costs are currently $24.95 for a standard ad, prepaid. Ads usually take 3 to 5 business days to be produced and delivered, actual time may vary.

How to make a payment for advertising:
All paid advertising must be paid up front and in full, prior to your ads being placed on our website. We do have a contract which you must sign and deliver back to us via e-mail.

The contract is simple and straightforward and does not cover much more than we have already covered here, but please read it fully before signing it.

The contracts are delivered via email and are available by request. They must be completed, sent back to us via e-mail and ok'd by us prior to any payments being made to us.

All contracts are kept strictly confidential. The exception may be sharing your signed contract and agreement information with your paypal or credit card company should a dispute arise. Payments can be made with either a credit card or paypal.

If you have any questions or comments about our advertising policies, please direct them to me personally at the email address provided below:

Thanks, Tucker